Coastal Bend Fellowship

Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The  Mission

Coastal Bend Fellowship exists for the purpose of Showing the Way; Teaching the Truth, and Living the Life.

The  Vision

Our vision is to be a Gospel-Driven Community guiding people from all generations and backgrounds into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Showing  the  Way

We believe that the church is a movement, not just a building where people gather together during the week. A biblical church is a mission-minded church, and missions must be done locally, regionally, and globally. Our purpose is to participate in expanding the Kingdom of God through a work of collaboration with church planting, local communities, and global missions. 

Teaching  the  Truth

Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without Christ. We believe in the power of people’s stories. We believe in discipleship as an act of obedience, a response to Christ’s work on behalf of humanity sacrificing Himself on a cross. As Christ’s church, we believe in doing life together, showing each other the way, knowing the truth, and living the life that Jesus has taught us. Jesus commands men and women to follow him not only as a teacher or a pattern of a good life but as the Christ, the Son of God. At Coastal Bend Fellowship, no one is expected to contemplate the disciple on this path, but only Him who calls us and His absolute authority, Jesus Christ.

Living  the  Life

We believe that a biblical church is a worshipping church. We believe that worship must be Christ-centered and never human-centered. As a church, our only object of worship is the triune God. Christian worship is an act of obedience that can be done through the practices of the biblical ordinances (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), prayer, music, generosity, and selflessness. At Coastal Bend Fellowship, our goal is to ensure that, through our acts of worship, unity is promoted within the body of believers. We want to be a movement of people that worships the Lord in spirit and, in truth, seven days a week, and we would love for you to join us in worship.